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Why You Should Consider Using Cement Epoxy Flooring in Your Home or Business

Cement epoxy flooring is an excellent alternative to traditional floorings. The material is resistant to scratches, stains and wear and tear, which means that your floors will remain in great condition for many years. Cement epoxy floors are also an environmentally friendly option since they're made from recycled materials and free of toxic chemicals found in other types of flooring. If you're looking for a different type of surface that will last through the years with minimal maintenance, then cement epoxy may be the right choice for you!

Epoxy vs. other floorings

Epoxy floors are also an environmentally friendly option since they're made from recycled materials and free of toxic chemicals found in other types of flooring. In addition to being incredibly practical, cement epoxy floors can be used to create a stunning design in any home or business. The material comes as a solid white color but it's as easy as applying an extra coat of paint on top of the floor to customize its appearance and adapt it to your personal style.

The strength and durability is something that really sets this type of floor apart from other types of floorings. This means that you'll never have to worry about replacing these floors for many years because they're resistant to scratches, stains and wear and tear. These floors are also easy to clean so you won't need special equipment or cleaners to maintain them properly. People who want to decorate or redecorate their homes or businesses can experiment with a wide range of colors and designs.

Concrete epoxy flooring
Concrete epoxy in commercial building

Installation process

Doing epoxy floor installation is really an easy process. A concrete subfloor must be in good condition, free of frost heaves, depressions, or cracks. The base should also be level and sound with no soft spots or areas of settlement. Once the subfloor has been inspected for any defects, a bonding agent can be applied to the appropriate joints and seams which will provide an improved bond.

The next step is to make sure that the area is clean and free from dust or debris. The concrete surface should then be roughened with a coarse cold sawdust to improve adhesion of the coating material. To ensure quality results, a depth gauge can also be used to measure depth before applying the coating materials.

It is a good idea to start off with a coat of epoxy primer since this will provide more strength and adhesion. The primer can also be used as an indicator when coating the floor with the final topcoat material to check for any areas which require further repair. Subsequent coats should be applied using special rollers, brushes, or other application tools.

The dry time will usually take around 5-6 hours before you can remove protection boards, walk on it or apply additional coats. Curing time may take approximately 48 hours but ideally should not be exceeded earlier than that - otherwise your result may not be optimal.

Epoxy floors are easy to maintain in the long run. Because these types of flooring do not absorb moisture easily, it will not expand and contract with changes in humidity. This means that they can be installed both indoors and outdoors. It is also resistant to water damage like mold and mildew, which make them a good choice for bathrooms and other areas where excess moisture may be present.

Epoxy flooring can help you achieve a cleaner environment inside your home or business without the need for harsh chemicals. Maintenance work such as repairs, polishing, or resurfacing can also be done using common household items to save money on expensive professional services.

Best Epoxy installation
Post Epoxy installation

Costs Associated

Cost should also be a consideration before you decide to install this type of flooring. The cost of the materials to install the flooring can range from $5-$10 per square foot, depending on the size of your home or business. On average, the entire job could cost around $20 - $40 per square foot.

There are many benefits of using cement epoxy floors over traditional flooring materials. The first benefit is that it offers you an alternative to wood or tile flooring, which can crack and suffer water damage if not installed properly. Cement epoxy floors will remain free of chips, scratches, and stains for years after installation; making them ideal for areas that take daily wear and tear like garages, basements, or walkways outdoors. This type of flooring material can also save you money in the long run since it won't incur any special care costs like waxing or buffering it.

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