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Updated: Sep 30

The Importance of Having Concrete Epoxy Floors

Concrete is a hard, tough material on its own. It's not impervious, however. Subject a concrete floor to regular spills of nasty liquids like gasoline, oil, bleach, or transmission fluid, and it's not going to look very pretty. By coating that concrete floor in a layer of epoxy, however, you can make these sorts of spills almost trivial to clean up. Epoxy is incredibly resistant to virtually everything that's likely to be found in a garage. This means that most liquids can be leisurely mopped up off the smooth surface with hardly any effort.

Protecting The Concrete

Concrete tends to be much stronger when it's paired with other materials, and a concrete epoxy floor is no exception. Not only does the layer of protective epoxy protect the concrete from spills, dropped tools, and surface impacts, it also can help the concrete to resist fatigue and stave off cracks. Think of it like a piece of plywood that's been covered in glue. The glue won't just keep stuff off the surface of the wood, it'll also help the wood stay solid when you twist and bend it.

Affordably Priced

When it comes to cost, concrete epoxy is tough to beat. In a concrete epoxy floor, the epoxy is applied directly to the concrete, meaning that there aren't any extra steps involved in getting your floor put together. All you need to do is properly clean and prepare the concrete, apply the epoxy, and wait. Since epoxy itself is very inexpensive per square foot, concrete epoxy floors usually offer substantial cost savings over other types of floors.


Everyday wear and tear will eventually take its toll on the epoxy, necessitating the application of a new layer. In a commercial setting, this isn't a bad thing. Instead, it's a plus. Regular renewal ensures that you won't run into any safety issues due to old or broken floors and keeps the shop looking fresh. On top of that, the cost of replacing a concrete epoxy floor is quite low, so if an accident does happen, you can simply bump up your scheduled maintenance and fix the issue without breaking the bank.

Concrete Epoxy: Tough Floors at Affordable Prices

For any location where things are dropped, spilled, or dragged, concrete epoxy offers an inexpensive way to protect a building's floor on a tight budget. Concrete epoxy is resistant to chemical spills, helps keep the underlying concrete safe from impacts and fatigue, and is incredibly affordable. On top of that, it's easy to renew a concrete epoxy floor with a fresh epoxy coat every once in a while, when wear and tear finally add up. These durable floors form the foundation of many, many automotive garages all around the world.

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