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Are you tired of all the dirt, mud, and weeds in your backyard? Is it starting to look like a neglected wasteland? It doesn't have to be that way. Paving your yard with concrete will not only make it more attractive, but also safer for children and pets. You can choose from many different patterns or colors, so you won't get bored looking at the same thing every day. And if there's ever an accident, all you need is one call to the professionals; they'll take care of everything! There's no job too big or too small when it comes to paving someone's backyard with beautiful concrete patio epoxy.

Concrete Patio Epoxy
Concrete Patio Epoxy

What is Concrete Patio Epoxy?

Concrete patio epoxy is a type of flooring that you can put on your outdoor living space. It's made of cement, polymer resin and aggregate (sand, limestone, or marble). The ingredients are mixed to create this substance. You can purchase it premixed or mix it yourself. Concrete epoxy will resist the sun's UV rays, water damage and scratching. It's extremely tough and has a self-healing quality that will repair any surface scratches it might accumulate.

Why Use Concrete Patio Epoxy?

There are many reasons to choose epoxy coating on patio as your material of choice for your outdoor living space. It resists cracking and peeling and is resistant to fading and scratching. Once the epoxy sets, you won't have to worry about cracks or other visual defects. The surface can be kept clean by sweeping or using a pressure washer on it since it's water-resistant; just avoid the use of harsh chemicals around it since they can damage the epoxy. Because of its tight interlocking grip system, this material requires no adhesive helps cut costs and save time. It has an extremely durable finish, so it doesn't have to be replaced any time soon.

Concrete epoxy on back patio
Concrete epoxy on back patio

What Are the Benefits of Concrete Patio Epoxy?

Concrete patio epoxy is UV resistant and self-healing, meaning that it can resist the sun's rays and heal any scratches that occur; you will never need to refinish this material! It's also scratch and chemical resistant and can handle drastic temperature fluctuations, which makes it perfect for your outdoor living space. Because of its durability, there is no need to do repairs or replace this product in a few years, when taken care of properly it should last much longer than other types of paving materials such as quarried stone or brick pavers.

Concrete epoxy on balcony
Concrete epoxy on balcony

Where Can I Get Concrete Patio Epoxy?

Epoxy can be purchased both premixed and mixed by the homeowner. The premixed variety is ready to use right away after delivery, making for easy application. If you purchase it in powdered form, there are mixing kits available that make the job much easier. You need to do some research on which one would best fit your needs before purchasing either variety. Another option is looking into service providers if you're not looking to do it yourself.

What does it cost?

Another benefit is that you can choose any color because it is made with pigment, which prevents chalking and fading over time. The second benefit is that concrete patio epoxy is a lot less expensive than a poured concrete patio. Concrete patio epoxy costs about $4 per square foot versus the cost of poured concrete at about $8 per square foot, not including labor charges.

Epoxy is a great product that will give you a beautiful, finished patio for many years. It is constructed of premium polymers. Most concrete patio epoxies are rated to last 20+ years without lifting or peeling. Concrete patios can be slippery but adding a non-slip texture paint or coating to the top makes the surface safe and comfortable to walk on with bare feet.

It’s worth noting that a beautiful and functional outdoor living space doesn't have to be expensive. With the right products, it can be easy on your budget too. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for an attractive backyard patio when you could accomplish the same thing with concrete epoxy at a fraction of the cost. It might sound like magic, but this product comes in pre-mixed colors or custom colors, is UV resistant, scratch resistant, water-resistant; it doesn't crack, fade or peel; has self-healing features that repair surface scratches and protects against future ones. If all these benefits sounded good to you should give us a call!

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