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The Ultimate Guide to Epoxy Flooring

As a business in epoxy flooring Nashville, we are excited about its many uses and forms. Think of the following as a good primer for concrete and check out some of our other articles detailing many finishes that can be applied to this wonderful surface.

With the increasing use of concrete in the industrial market, it can be assumed that the use of industrial floor coverings has also increased. We have recognized that concrete, in combination with color and structure, like coatings, has unlimited potential as an aesthetically pleasing substrate. Today the possibilities are diverse, including dyeing, coating, texturing. This only makes sense when you look at the durability and aesthetic result of the coated concrete. Isn't it nice to look at your concrete floor when it is so well structured with an advertising pattern? Walls and countertops can also be significantly improved with the help of concrete coatings.

In general, many people are familiar with industrial floors. However, some facts have been mixed with some myths about soils. Here are some points to help clarify what is true and what is not:

Coatings and Stains

No matter what coatings look like, some products that improve the appearance of concrete are not considered coatings. Chemical stains, like acid stains, are not exactly paint. It is actually a coloring process that creates a chemical reaction with the concrete surface. There are many other products that some people consider flooring, but technically they are not.

Concrete Coating

It is generally believed that the coating would fail initially because it inherently would bridge the porous surface of the concrete and trap moisture on the surface. As you can see, the moisture vapor must be able to escape. Failure to do so will result in blistering, peeling, and peeling, all of which contribute to concrete liner failure. However, today there are products that discard the original idea. New elastomer liners are one of these products. It is the application of a thick elastic film that improves concrete surfaces and hides cracks, stains and other concrete problems.

Filler Blocks

Some people find filler blocks unnecessary. However, the use of block fillers will improve the finish of the concrete. Provides a stable base and fills pores and surface cavities. When it comes to heavy, hard-to-work block fillers, now there are block fillers that will save you time and effort. In addition, these new block fillers weigh less than conventional ones.

These are just some of the questions that need to be answered. These facts do not seem to be worth it. But when it comes to choosing and applying coatings to your concrete surfaces, these can help. The seven-day cure time and new block fillers, for example, can help save time while improving the quality and durability of your concrete.


Industrial epoxy floors are a combination of different hardeners and resins that react chemically when mixed to form a very hard plastic. The material created by combining the two substances adheres very well to the base layers. It is also very strong and resistant to a wide variety of impacts and substances that would damage normal floors.

Epoxy coated floors are typically strong enough to be suitable for industrial settings, sports venues, and hospitals - any facility whose floors may be exposed to heavy traffic. If you have a commercial epoxy floor that requires simple maintenance, there is definitely an epoxy solution for you. These are some of the more popular epoxy flooring systems that you may want to install. And depending on your specific needs, one of these is sure to be perfect for your installation.

Beasutilly installed commercial epoxy flooring in Nashville, TN
Beasutilly installed commercial epoxy flooring in Nashville, TN

Epoxy flake floor

These types of epoxy floors include colored chips or flakes that are designed to create vibrant, colorful surfaces that are strong and attractive to the eye. The chips serve a dual purpose, because they are visually appealing and have a rough character that prevents them from slipping or falling

Blue colored Epoxy Flooring
Blue colored Epoxy Flooring

Self-leveling epoxy floors

This type of epoxy flooring is typically applied over an old surface, often a damaged concrete floor or other older surface, to create a smooth, durable, and easy-to-maintain floor surface. This type of system is best when you need resistance to abrasion, heat, chemicals, and resistance to slip and falls.

Antistatic Industrial Epoxy Floor

The potential for static electricity build-up makes many work environments unsafe, and this antistatic epoxy flooring system contains a material that is conductive and dissipates electricity on the floor, greatly reducing potential hazards. It is an excellent flooring system for use in environments with flammable materials, such as manufacturing facilities or chemical and pharmaceutical warehouses.

Airplane Hangar epoxy flooring company
Airplane Hangar epoxy flooring company

Quartz Filled Epoxy Floors

A quartz epoxy system manages to combine colored quartz grains with high performance epoxy polymer resins to create a multi-functional flooring that is widely used in bathrooms, dining rooms, lobbies, offices and locker rooms. The resulting flooring system is slip resistant, extremely easy to care for, decorative and highly durable.

Epoxy Mortar Floors

This is the strongest industrial epoxy flooring system available on the market today. It is an ultra-strong seamless system made entirely of solid epoxy and quartz sand which is then applied with hand trowels. These mortar systems are extremely resistant to chemicals and also very resistant to any type of impact. Epoxy mortar floors are widely used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, garages, restaurants, and all kinds of commercial establishments that use heavy equipment such as forklifts.

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