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Epoxy Metallic Flooring

Updated: Sep 30

Advantages of Epoxy Metallic Flooring

With their exotic appearance and monochromatic pigments, epoxy metallic flooring is unique and beautiful. With this type of coating, the colored mica pigments are distributed in transparent binders. These binders are placed on the concrete to reflect the light and create mysterious effects. Metal pigments are available in a variety of color options. When dry, metallic epoxy concrete coatings create a smooth, mirror-like finish.

The Incomparable Inimitability

Metallic cladding creates attractive floors. Any Nashville epoxy flooring expert can apply this coating in a unique style. It's difficult to replicate the artwork created by an installer. Each floor is unique, and the designs are three-dimensional with many visible colors. Natural variations in the appearance of the finished coatings are evident. In fact, it's the property that makes epoxy floors such a popular choice.

Variety Of colors

The uniqueness of metal floors depends on the variety of colors. Epoxy or poly asparagine is translucent. When you add colored metal powder it will shine through the epoxy. You can use a single color or multiple shades for a glossy floor with a versatile look.

However, the best epoxy flooring experts in Nashville recommend using no more than three colors. Too many colors can make the design look messy. With the help of experts, you can create 3D looks for an illusion of waves, craters, eddies, and acid stains on the floors.

Depending on the type of interior, you can choose different colors to create attractive looks. Earth tones are suitable for private households, for example, while you can use exotic color combinations for lounges, restaurants, nightclubs, and other high-traffic areas.

Epoxy Metallic Flooring
Beautiful home after Epoxy Installation

Imperfections Create a Perfect Look

No two metal floors are alike. They can be incredibly beautiful depending on the artistic skill of the installer. It takes a lot of practice and dedication to hone the skills required to use this technique. It's a coating that must be imperfect. Each metallic epoxy coated floor differs in appearance from one inch to the next. The natural flow of vision is created by gravity and surface variations. They are inevitable, but extremely beautiful when used correctly.

What is Metallic Epoxy?

This product is made of 100% solid epoxy and metallic pigments. It is a 2-3mm thick self-leveling coating that is easy to work with and can be used to create various types of visual effects. Once the coating is applied, solvents such as denatured alcohol are applied to move and diffuse the pigments. This process creates the visual appeal of broken-looking molten metal or rivers flowing along the surfaces of this coating.

Certain products also work with a leaf blower or air nozzle to create 3D effects such as puddle waves, ripples, and lunar craters. A two-tone effect is another option created by adding two colors during the application process.

Metallic Epoxy Nashville TN
Metallic Epoxy on Downstairs Floor

Are Epoxy Metal Garage Floors Durable?

As attractive and beautiful as these coatings look, they are considered a high-performance option with an extremely long service life. An epoxy primer is applied for the first coat. The next layer contains the epoxy metal coating and finally a clear coat over it. It is also common to apply another coat if the topcoat is polyurethane.

Metallic coatings are as resistant to chemicals, water, acids, abrasion, salt, and oil as all other high-performance epoxy floors. They are easy to care for and the light that these coatings reflect is exceptional as the surface is very shiny. Like other types of epoxy coatings, they can be slightly slippery when wet if the topcoat does not contain an anti-slip additive.

The installation process for metallic coatings involves the same steps as for most multilayer systems, except for an additional pigment treatment step when metallic coatings are applied with the addition of a metallic solvent.

The Advantages Of Epoxy

Like any other epoxy coating, metallic epoxy is typically applied as a seamless coating. This is possible even on soils with an unconventional topography or design. This also makes cleaning easy and, because it is transparent, it does not contain dirt, grime, or microbial life. This property makes these coatings an excellent choice when hygiene is the top priority.

Long lasting

Properly laid epoxy metal floors offer the advantage of minimal maintenance and a very long service life. If the floor is damaged by abrasion or a falling object, it can be easily and inexpensively repaired. Since the floor is made up of many layers, it is always easy to quickly sand the floor and prepare it with 120-grit sandpaper, then apply another coat of polyurethane clear coat to rejuvenate the floor.

Non-slip surface

Metallic epoxy is a reflective surface that looks slippery but is not. Epoxy is one of the best options for those interested in non-slip floors. There is even the option of applying additional topcoats to increase the slip resistance of these floors.

These surfaces can meet any standard if required. As a rule of thumb, the small grains that can be added to the topcoat when applied will suffice for the living room. When higher slip resistance is required to

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