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Garage Floor Epoxy

Updated: Sep 30

Garage Floor Epoxy
Garage Floor Epoxy

Garage Floor Epoxy and Why it Makes a Difference.

Epoxy floor coating is a chemically enhanced floor coating. It's resilient and it can provide a glossy finish to your floor. Epoxy flooring is created by mixing epoxide resin and polyamine hardeners. Now, these two additives create a chemical reaction, and you get a tough floor.

Some people think that garage floor epoxy coating is like floor paint. But this is not true. Floor paints fade away within a short time and they can't protect your floor. On the other hand, epoxy flooring can protect a floor for years and it can create a truly good-looking floor.

Garage Floor Epoxy and Why Does It Make a Difference?

Garage floor epoxy coating can withstand shocks. You can keep heavy machinery or tools on an epoxy floor. You can roll heavy vehicles on it. Furthermore, an epoxy floor is great heat resistant. It can tolerate more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, it's a perfect floor for garages.

An epoxy floor can create 2 millimeters of thickness. This means all the cracks on your concrete floor will be sealed. It will create a protective layer on your floor. As a result, you will be able to use your garage floor for years after years.

Epoxy is water resistant, heat resistant, and shock resistant. Moreover, no harmful chemical from vehicles can ruin its molecule structure. Therefore, this epoxy floor is an ideal choice for your garage floor.

Epoxy coating can withstand a high amount of pressure (per square inch). You can drive a heavy vehicle on this floor. That's why an epoxy garage floor can stay with you for more than 15 years.

Your old concrete garage floor may have cracks in it. Even, it can break away. Now, removing this floor and placing a new concrete floor can be costly. So, you should choose an epoxy coat for your garage floor. It's affordable and super-strong.

An epoxy garage floor is truly easy to maintain. You can use soap and water to remove any dirt or grime from this floor. An Epoxy floor has an ultra-smooth surface. So, the floor catches almost no dirt. Hence, it's easy to maintain (don't use acid).

Garage floor epoxy installation
Garage floor epoxy installation

The best part of an epoxy garage is its vibrant look. You can give your garage a shiny and gorgeous look. Epoxy flake floors and epoxy colored coating can change the entire look of your gar So, choose garage floor epoxy and enjoy your beautiful garage floor for years.

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